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Wisdom Teeth Extraction


What Are Wisdom Teeth? 

Wisdom Teeth


The removal of wisdom teeth has become so commonplace that it is almost a right of passage for young adults. Wisdom Teeth, also known as “third molars” are submerged teeth that reside under the gums in the rear of your upper and lower posterior arches. Wisdom teeth usually develop during early adulthood in most individuals, however it is not uncommon for some people to never get wisdom teeth.


Do I Have Wisdom Teeth?


You can try a simple self-examination to find out. By looking into a mirror, focus on the rear of your mouth where your molars reside to see if a “third” molar exists. If nothing is noticeable, it is likely that your third molars have yet to breach the surface, which will required a visit to your dentist for conclusive answers using imaging technology (X-Ray).


Do My Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Extracted?


Each person is unqiue, and therefore is the decision to extract their wisdom teeth. Overall it is recommended that taking a proactive approach in removing third molars early on can alleviate major dental complications later in life.


In some cases Wisdom Teeth break the gum surface cleanly, leaving the adjacent tooth / teeth unhindered. If you are fortunate enough to have this scenario, it is extremely important that you properly maintain great oral hygiene around the third molar / molars and its neighboring teeth to avoid any potential issues.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, many individuals end up experiencing the negative impact from surfacing third molars. These effects are usually felt when your wisdom tooth / teeth become impacted from a lack adequate growing room. Impacted Wisdom Teeth sometimes partially break the surface and even breach in an unfavorable direction, adding pressure to the adjacent tooth / teeth. Third molars that surface at peculiar angles create a situation where it’s difficult to clean both your wisdom molar and its neighbor. This uncomfortable scenario not only makes your wisdom teeth vulnerable to rapid tooth decay and recession, but neighboring teeth also become subjected to periodontal disease if not treated properly and in a timely manner.  


Why Preventative Treatment?


·      It’s difficult to predict problems with impact wisdom teeth

·      Symptom-free third molars could still harbor disease

·      More vulnerable to cavities and gum disease

·      Older adults may experience difficulty with surgery and complications after surgery.

*      You run a lower risk for future dental complications



Some Signs You May Have Impacted Wisdom Teeth


·      Pain / Pressure in molars while eating

·      Cheek and gum discomfort in the area

·      Gum inflammation behind your last visible molar

·      Foul / bad taste or smell in the area

·      Rubbing or grinding against the cheek

·      Jaw stiffness



Why The Grapevine Dentist?


If you or someone you know is currently experiencing any discomfort around their wisdom teeth, visit The Grapevine Dentist for a prompt consultation and plan of action. Our in-house Board Certified Periodontist, Dr. Daniel Choi, DDS has years of experience in third molar extractions and has developed a fond reputation for extraordinary patient care, outcomes and overall satisfaction.


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