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Have you ever thought "It would just be so much easier to just yank out all my teeth than fix them?" Now, in most circumstances, almost every dentist would argue against you to keep your natural teeth at all costs. 


But in other cases, Yes! You need dentures!


Try taking this Risk Assessment Quiz provided from the AAP (American Academy of Periodontology) website to see if you may be at low, medium, or high risk for developing or having periodontal disease.



Want to know your options? There are now available three great solutions to fit each patients's lifesytle, budget and age. Traditional Dentures, Implant-Supported Dentures, and Teeth-In-A-Day!


Traditional Dentures:


They are just like they sound, your Grandma's dentures. This type of denture is the most cost-effective way to replace all your missing teeth. There are some pros and cons that should be considered before making a decision on this type of denture. Anytime a patient is looking into a prosthesis of any kind, there will be huge lifestyle adjustment. Traditional Dentures take about four to six months' worth of chair-side adjustments with the dentist while your gums continue to heal and shrink. Most patients are comfortable with the fit for their upper denture, while some, do continue to have gagging and suction issues, making sticky adhesives a must. A lot of patients, after their six months' worth of adjustments still find discomfort in the lower denture, mostly due to the tongue, making the denture easy to dislodge.


Implant-Supported Over-Dentures


Implant-Supported Dentures, also referred to at times as just over-dentures are a good compromise for patient's that need to lose all their teeth but have bad gag reflex or just want added security that their denture will not slip or dislodge during a meal or company meeting.

Although, the four to six months of necessary adjustments remains the same the end results are dentures that snap in-to and out of place. By adding two, four or up to six implants at the time of the extractions this allows the implants to integrate to your bone making a concreate structure during the healing process to help support dentures. By adding these implants, your denture can fit smaller, eliminating the gag reflex. The implant and denture will snap into place so it will not move while you are eating or giving a presentation-eliminating the chance of those embarrassing moments.




Tired of dealing with the daily burden of your current dentures? Tired of altering your eating habits and experiencing occasional discomfort? The Grapevine Dentist offers the All-On-4 solution toward permanent dentures that look and feel real with added comfort and effectiveness. Better known as (Teeth In One Day) or Supported Dentures, All-On-4 gives the patients who have periodontal disease and extensive decay an outlet to new teeth in just one day! These Supported Dentures are a fixed prosthesis supported by four (4) implants. In some instances, six (6) implants may be necessary. The illustration below offers a quick glimpse into the procedure implementation.


Upper Jaw:


Upper Jaw All-on-4


Lower Jaw:

Lower Jaw All On 4


More On The All-On-4 Technology:


This emerging technology avoids the need for sinus lifting, bone augmentation and even bone grafting in order to carry out the procedure. This is because the back implants are designed to be longer and angled in order to avoid the sinus cavity located on the upper jaw. Furthermore, the nerve canal is also avoided eliminating the possibility of contact. Schedule a FREE Consultation today with our Board Certified Surgeon to see if All-On-4 solution is right for you. 




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